Community Acupuncture Clinic is Every Friday 3-6pm

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Affordable Acupuncture Now at Airmid

We’ve removed the barrier of cost from healing. Unlike a one-on-one session, community acupuncture is practiced in a group setting  in an open room atmosphere, fully clothed in a comfortable chair. This is how it’s done in Asia.
The true benefits of acupuncture are cumulative so having the option to come for a session weekly increases the likelihood of long lasting effects. Due to the open setting we primarily treat the head, hands, feet, and lower parts of arms and legs. The entire body can be treated this way because these areas are Microsystems of the whole body.
Sessions are 20-30 minutes long. If you are new to acupuncture or have an issue with the cost, community style acupuncture could be great for you. 
All practitioners at the clinic are certified by the commonwealth of PA and nationally by the NCCAOM, the national certifying commission in the USA for Asian medicine — Acupuncture, Asian massage, and Chinese Herbal Medicine. 
Clinic hours are every Friday 3pm to 6 PM. Sessions are 20-30 minutes long. There is a sliding scale of $30-$45. You can pay different amounts in this range from session to session.
For questions please contact Pamela Milask, L.OM, Dipl. Ac.: 215-858-7554